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About Us

The MET, Where Arts and Culture Meet!

Who we are

The MET is an excellent, acoustic, multi-use auditorium that  is ideal for theatrical productions, concerts, recitals, conventions, large meetings, and award ceremonies. Our professional, community style theatre offers a practical and affordable venue for amateur and professional artists. We feature a complete sound and lighting system, dressing rooms, and access to a grand piano. The MET is wheelchair accessible and has on-site parking. 

Why live Theatre?

  1. You'll be entertained
  2. You'll be energized
  3. You'll forget your worries
  4. It's a night without your phone!
  5. It's actually 3D!
  6. It's live so anything can happen!

You'll leave with a huge grin and a post production glow!


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Better yet, come out and see a live performance!

Mount Elizabeth Theatre

1491 Kingfisher Ave, Kitimat, British Columbia V8C1E9, ca

(250) 639-6775 or (250) 632-7887

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