Our 2017 Touring Artists


Anne Glover

Anne’s career in the arts and education spans 30 years of performing and teaching. Anne travels the globe using “string stories” as vehicles for literacy, creativity and community building. Anne explores string figures, the sorties they tell, and the way they change our lives. Her stories show the interplay between literacy and string, and how string figures sharpen our awareness, focus our minds and expand our world. Most of all, in one simple visit Anne makes a community of each school, where string stories foster creativity and cooperation across all barriers. The benefits remain long after Anne’s visit.



Cadence has been entertaining sold-out audiences for over a decade. With three Juno nominations and numerous international tours, this formidable foursome will thrill with their innovative arrangements of popular and original songs. Cadence amazes with their ability to create a full range of instrumental and vocal sounds using only their voices. Your children will take a trip through time with Cadence as they cover over 100 years of vocal music in 50 minutes. They will cover material such as Gregorian chant, classical, choral, jazz, doo-wop, rock, blues and more, incorporating mind-blowing instrumental imitation, high energy antics, and audience participation.



D.O. Gibson

Duane Gibson, aka D.O., is a Guinness World Record-setting rapper and university grad that has been inspiring students as a motivational speaker since 2001. D.O. has traveled the globe and toured Canada multiple times with his interactive call-and-response show Stay Driven. This one-hour assembly combines hip-hop performances that will engage your child while delivering a solid message. The central program, “H.O.L.L.A.”, is focused on anti-bullying. The acronym stands for “Help, Outlet, Lead, Leave, Assert”: five strategies that can be used to combat bullying. D.O. has had serval videos on rotation on MuchMusic and has taken this catchy and relevant show globally with stops in Hong Kong, Toyko, London and New York.